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Access round-the-clock veterinary guidance and advice, available 24/7, all week long, at an affordable rate of just 3 €

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Ensure your furry companion receives the care and attention they deserve.


Ensure your companion receives the care and attention they deserve.

Notre équipe est là pour fournir des conseils et une orientation professionnels. Nous sommes là pour vous fournir des services vétérinaires de qualité, où que vous soyez.

Il est essentiel de noter que la téléconsultation vétérinaire sert de service complémentaire et ne remplace en aucun cas les soins vétérinaires en présentiels.


Available 24/7 around the clock

Un soutien lors de problèmes avec votre animal de compagnie.

La santé de votre animal est notre priorité, et notre équipe vous offre des conseils professionnels où que vous soyez.

We take care of your animals at any given moment.

We have online veterinarians available 24/7, ready whenever you need them, helping you avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

An easy-to-use solution, all within the comfort of your home.

Utilizing our service will save you both time and money, all while helping keep your pets more comfortable at home.


How it works?


Enter your pet's symptoms

Provide detailed information about the symptoms your pet is experiencing so the verinian can better understand the situation.


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As soon as you submit the information, a veterinarian will promptly get in touch with you to address your concerns.


Reviews of our Services!

Gagnez en sérénité. Nous sommes là pour vous guider et vous rassurer concernant la santé de votre animal de compagnie !

Olivia Rhye

Olivia Rhye

This service is a game-changer for pet owners! No more worrying about inconvenient clinic hours or expensive visits. I used it when my cat was acting strangely, and a veterinarian was there to help in no time. It's like having a vet in your pocket!

Sarah Beauregard

Sarah Beauregard

I can't thank this service enough for the peace of mind it provides. When my dog showed signs of discomfort, I didn't have to wait anxiously for the clinic to open. A vet reached out immediately, guiding me through the situation. It's convenience and care rolled into one.

Samuel Lavigne

Samuel Lavigne

As a busy pet owner, this service is a blessing. When my rabbit had an issue, I connected with a vet from the comfort of my home. They were attentive, understanding, and helped me avoid unnecessary stress. This is how veterinary care should be!

Chloé Lefebvre

Chloé Lefebvre

Five stars for this service! My parrot suddenly fell ill, and I was worried sick. With this service, I described the symptoms and got a rapid response from a veterinarian. They offered advice, recommended steps, and my parrot is now back to chirping happily. Quick, reliable, and fantastic!